About Us

Internet today has become a medium through which you can get any information in your mobile or computer. The information that you search on the Internet, you can find it easily. But, also there are so many subjects in the internet that require more detailed information on particular topics so that an user can be benefited by that.

Bigumbrella Magazine is an online source of information in which we are trying to serve to the inquisitiveness of the netizens with our wide range of topics. Initially, we have launched with some rich and evergreen subjects like science, tech, health, workout, food, fashion, culture, travel etc. Gradually we will add-up more categories and will provide new and unique informative articles which will make the users visit back again.

This platform is created to serve mankind. Several logical interpretations are analyzed in this platform with evidence for what would be beneficial for the people of the world. Development of modern society and also the areas needed to rectify will also be analyzed in a step by step process. Scholars from the various fields would like to join our platform to share their experiences and suggestions so the people of society can get benefit out of that.

We are also going to prepare this platform for the Advertisers and brands to identify their target users and make their business easy. This platform will help them to determine where to assign their resources in order to reach them easily. This platform will maintain the balance between the Advertisers and the readers very effectively. We aim to reach as many people as possible with our informative and authentic content and valuable analysis by the authors.

Our development process in the dimension of making this platform more user-friendly and attractive will be continued and many steps will be taken gradually. Those who are interested to write or share articles in our platform Bigumbrella Magazine can contact us at info.bigumbrellamagazine.com.