Biological ageing can be reversed back to 25 years

Biological ageing can be reversed back to 25 years

Biological ageing process of human being can be reversed back to 25 years. Image Courtesy – The Times of Israel

Scientists have made is possible that biological ageing process can be reversed back to 25 years. Research on the changes in biological ageing process is performed with Oxygen and artificially created special environment.

The research led by Prof. Shai Efrati, Professor in Tel Aviv University, and his team from Shamir Medical Center. The artificially created environment was called as ‘Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy’ (HBOT). It was created utilizing 100% Oxygen with higher environmental pressure than the absolute atmospheric pressure.

The pure Oxygen got dissolved in the body’s tissues and increased the length of ‘telomeres’ and reduced the number of ‘senescent cells’ by 37%. It was observed that this situation allowed new, healthy cells to develop and it replaced the old cells.

Volunteers over the age of 64 years were placed in the chamber and given 100% oxygen for 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week and for 3 months. The volunteers were instructed to remove their oxygen mask for 5 minutes to bring back their oxygen level into normal. During this time, free oxygen concentration was monitored. The interpretation of the fluctuations in the cells was like deficiency of oxygen rather than the absolute level of oxygen.

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Prof. Shai Efrati explained that increased oxygen level is called hyperoxia and on the other hand decreased oxygen level is called hypoxia. The cellular mechanisms and mediators are induced by increased oxygen level and the intervals caused a shortage in oxygen level. This hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox developed a regeneration process in the cells.

The scientists observed that various activities like attention, processing of information speed and other executive functions of a human being generally decrease with ageing. This scientific process made a great change in their activities, and it was equivalently dependent on how the level of activities and functions were in the past, some 25 years earlier.

Prof. Shai Efrati has been researching on ageing process for a decade. He runs the Aviv Clinics in Florida. He mentioned his research as a proof that cellular basis ageing process can be reversed. He also mentioned his research as an example for new opening for the young scientists to target human ageing and a way in monitoring the length of telomere. It will help scientists and doctors to develop medications and control many diseases related to human ageing.