Bonsai – a forest decoration in your house

Bonsai – a forest decoration in your house

Bonsai – a forest decoration in your house with having multiple benefits. Photo Courtesy – Unsplash

A bonsai is a form of cultivation technique that originated in Japan. It is utilized to cultivate trees in containers. In this form of cultivation, small trees imitate the shape and scale of the large trees. This tradition is more than a thousand years old in Japan.

Let’s start planting bonsai trees at home. Sometimes in the corner of the bedroom, sometimes on the dining table, all the trees are arranged. There is a new trend of forest decoration in our modern life, but there are several reasons behind it.

It reduces stress

The doctors think that seeing green in front of the eyes, mental stress remains under control. As the greenery decreases on all four sides of our society, the trend of planting trees in this way is increasing from house to house. You can add some special species of trees inside your house to get some more Oxygen out of it.

Indoor air remains pure

If there are trees in every house, the polluted air circulates less inside the house. As a result, it is very important for everybody to keep bonsai trees. It creates a soothing effect on our eyes. By planting bonsai trees at home, children and future generations can be easily convinced about the importance of trees and plants.

It is comparatively easy to care

This type of tree is not very difficult to be taken care of. Many people love to plant trees but do not get enough time to afford in gardening. But, you do not have to spend much time behind these trees. Trees are happy when they get a little light and water.

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Bonsai is a part of interior decoration today

Bonsai is a part of interior decoration today. Photo Courtesy – Unsplash

Major bonsai trees in Indian climate

The names of some of the trees are given below that can be cultivated easily in the Indian subcontinent. They are – Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Sweet Lemon, Sacred, Pará rubber, Banyan, Peepal, Silver Oak, Fig, Sapodilla, Christmas Tree, Vilayi Tamarind, Mulberry, Hill Rose, King of the Day, Night-flowering jasmine, Australian pine, Lychee, Indian gooseberry, Lemon, Golden shower, Orange, Plane, Royal poinciana, Neem, Bougainvillea, Pear, Jasmine, Cedar, Fir, Monoon longifolium, Birch, Semal or Bombax, etc.

Some special things about Bonsai trees

(i) These trees should always be planted according to the climate. The plant that suits your climate should be planted in your house. Otherwise, its growth will be disturbed.

(ii) These trees should be kept in the sun or kept in a place where there is sunlight.

(iii) Adequate manure should be applied to the soil for these trees.

(iv) Cutting of the trees should be maintained periodically.

(v)The soil of the trees should be replaced after a few years.

(vi) Light irrigation should be done in pots of the trees. Avoid filling with too much water. It would be better to use watering cans.

Advantages of bonsai trees

(i) These trees look small attractive. By applying it you can enhance the beauty of your home. Today, it is a part of interior decoration also.

(ii) People who have lack space can also grow greenery in their homes by planting bonsai trees.

(iii) Other trees and plants require more water and more care, but Bonsai trees are small, so their maintenance costs little time. Irrigation of this plant takes very little water.

(iv) Nowadays Bonsai tree has emerged as good employment. You can also start a business of nursery of Bonsai trees.

(iv) Elderly people can easily spend their time by planting and maintaining these trees.

So, it is the right time to decorate your house with bonsai trees. Have a decent look in your house as well as pure and fresh air.

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