China started vaccination a month ago – why did they keep it secret?

China started vaccination a month ago – why did they keep it secret?

China started vaccination a month ago. Why did they keep it secret to the world? Photo Courtesy – ET HealthWorld

While the world is in a crazy hunt for the coronavirus vaccine, scientists are doing research after research, every day the world is anxious to know the news of a new hope, suddenly we come to know that China has started vaccination for corona disease! But, if China started vaccination, why did they keep it secret to the people of the world? It is quite shocking!

The coronavirus first spread from the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province since December last year. People from hundreds of countries around the world became infected with this deadly virus gradually. The death march continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Apparently China has been infection free recently. Beijing’s health department has also issued a clearance for people to go out without a mask. Still many other countries have been overburdened by infections and deaths.

Experts doubted how China could bring the situation under control so quickly. Zheng Zhongwei, Head of China’s coronavirus vaccine development program told that the vaccine had been administered to doctors, health workers and emergency workers since July. This vaccine came a month after the Chinese military started vaccination on their troops with an experimental basis.

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Corona vaccine is now under research in 180 places around the world. China, the source country of the coronavirus is also in the list. Each vaccine has a different experimental stage According to the World Health Organization. Clinical trials of 26 vaccines are underway. Six vaccines are under third-phase trial and among them, three are from China.

When did China develop the vaccine? Why they did not share the information to the world? A big confusion has been prevailed over the issue. However, it is true that no new coronavirus infections have been reported in China for more than a week.

Several questions are rising again about the Chinese administration. They have been concealing the information of vaccine prepared in their country as they did in earlier incidents also. Diplomatic experts claim that China wants to deliver the vaccine to the countries where it wants to dominate. The third round of trials of the first Chinese vaccine is being conducted in Pakistan. Trials have also been conducted in Argentina. The trial will be held in Saudi Arabia in a few days.

Zheng Zhongwei said that the vaccine was currently being used only in emergencies. The patient is also being monitored after using the vaccine. However, he did not mention how many people had been vaccinated so far.

The Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang intimated that priority of the vaccine would be given to Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos after the vaccine is finalized. He also told that China would initiate a health fund for the world.

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