Coronavirus: Death toll in Saudi Arabia has been steadily decreasing

Coronavirus: Death toll in Saudi Arabia has been steadily decreasing

Coronavirus Death toll in Saudi Arabia has been steadily decreasing. Photo Courtesy – Wikipedia

Outbreaks of coronavirus have been brought under control in Saudi Arabia. The country has seen a steady decline in deaths and infections over the past few weeks. On the contrary, the recovery rate has increased.

Saudi Arabia’s health ministry said on Monday that only 69 new cases had been identified in the past 24 hours. The total number of victims in the country is 3 lakh 21 thousand 456 people.

A statement from the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, said that the number of deaths in COVID-19 has also dropped significantly in Saudi Arabia. Only 26 people have died due to complications caused by the virus in the last 24 hours. With this, the total number of deaths in the country has reached to 4,107. A total of 2 lakh 86 thousand 157 people have been recovered from COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed al-Abd al-Ali, a spokesman of the health ministry of Saudi Arabia told that the number of serious cases has also dropped by six per cent in the country. He added that most of the victims of the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia are the country’s youth. He appealed to all the people in Saudi Arabia to take preventive measures to help control the outbreak.

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Mohammed al-Abd al-Ali also advised people infected with the virus to stay in quarantine for at least 14 days in order to restrict the infection being spread to others.

The Saudi ministry has announced a strict rule for using the face mask in public places. Violations of the rule would result in a penalty of SAR 1000 ($270). The administration has notified that employees of shops, gyms, salons in commercial establishments must wear gloves and face masks and proper steps of hygiene must be maintained.

Employees of the business establishments are quite confident to provide a safe environment to their customers. Arab News revealed that implementation of attentive rules specified for COVID-19, ticket sales for the cinemas in the post-lockdown launch has crossed expectations. Perfect implementation of the law and order has also resulted the death toll in Saudi Arabia to decrease in a couple of months.

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