Dengue may provide immunity against Covid-19

Dengue may provide immunity against Covid-19

Dengue may provide immunity against Covid-19, Brazilian scientists found in their research. Image Courtesy – The Jakarta Post

Cases of coronavirus infection are increasing continuously all over the world. Scientists are fighting day and night in the laboratory. Almost every day a new source is found in the research and with those findings, a new concept is also being prepared. This time, Brazilian scientists say that a new link has been found between the spread of coronavirus and the past outbreak of Dengue fever. The scientists say that Dengue may provide immunity against Covid-19.

A survey report says that Coronavirus infections and outbreaks are lower in the areas of Brazil where Dengue outbreaks were reported this year or last year. Scientists started their research based on this survey report. Scientist Miguel Angelo Laporta Nicolelis, a professor at Duke University, USA, says that positive results are found. The report of this research has not been published anywhere yet. Miguel Angelo Laporta Nicolelis, MD, PhD, a Brazilian scientist and Physician who compared the geographic distribution of coronavirus cases with the outbreak of Dengue in 2019 and 2020.

Nicolelis said that if the theory and data of the study based on this disproportionate corona visibility with Dengue in Brazil proved to be correct, some immunity against the coronavirus could be created in the body of a Dengue infected person or through an effective and safe Dengue vaccine.

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Evidence has been found that coronavirus antibodies are sometimes found in the body of a person who has antibodies of Dengue also. These antibodies of coronavirus found even though they did not even have a coronavirus infection.

The research team of Nicolelis made the claim based on data from certain regions in Latin America, Asia, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The issue came to the limelight when the Brazilian survey was published.

The places where the Dengue outbreaks happened in huge level, the coronavirus infection rate is lower in those areas. Their scientific research shows that an immunological cross-reactivity is happening between Flavivirus (Dengue virus) and SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Miguel Nicolelis said that it was not a new thing. It often happens that result of a scientific research may come out like something completely different. Unimaginable results may lead to the way to extreme success.

This scientific research has created new aspirations that Dengue may provide immunity to combat Covid-19. Everybody is in search of the expected antibody and building of hard immunity. Now, scientists can say how far we can combat the pandemic with the Dengue vaccine.

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